COIA's wide range of coatings with an annual capacity 5,000 Tons consists in particular of:

UV Curable Galaxy® HPHTC 250 High Performance High Temperature Primary & Secondary Coatings for High Temperature Optical Fibre Manufacturing, temperature range -40 °C up to +250 °C. Patent p. No. 10 2005 032 619.6

UV Curable Galaxy® HPC 7 Primary & HPC 8 Secondary High Performance Coatings as well as Galaxy® HPC 8 Rainbow (12 different colour shades) for Standard Optical Fibre Manufacturing, temperature range -60 °C to +85 °C.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV-Inks have been specifically developed for colour-coding of optical fibres with a higher processing speed ( fast cure response ) due to High Flow Additives and giving a higher intensity & brightness of the colour shade on the fibre. Furthermore the typical odour has been reduced to a minimum. Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV-Inks are according to IEC 60304, EIA/TIA-Munsell and according to ”Deutsche Telekom” F.T.Z. standards.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV Inks are available in 12 bright & glossy standard Colours as well as Colourless (Clear -  513).
Additional 11 Special Colours to complete 24 Colour shades are available.

UV Curable Galaxy® CRB One Step for Easy Strip Single Layer Tight Buffer and Easy Strip Single Layer Micro Bundle (only low modulus).

UV Curable Galaxy® C Inner Slippy, Galaxy® CRB Outer Transparent and Galaxy® CRB Outer Rainbow (12 different colour shades) Coating Resins for Easy Strip Tight Buffering of Optical Fibres (low, medium or high modulus).

UV Curable Galaxy® MRR One Step Matrix Resin for Single Layer Optical Fibre Ribbon.

UV Curable Galaxy® MRR Inner 250-300, Galaxy® MRR Outer 300-400 transparent and Galaxy® MRR Outer 300-400 Rainbow (12 different colour shades) Matrix Resins for Easy Peel Optical Fibre Ribbon.

UV Curable Galaxy® CRAS-Series Coating Resins for Anti-Scratch as plastic (PC, PS, PMMA, …etc.) and wood surface protection.

UV Curable Galaxy® CRAS-Series Coating Resins for Anti-Scratch as glass and metal surface protection.

Our UV-Inks & Coatings are used by over 70 Customers World-Wide in Japan, China, Middle & Far East, Europe and USA with big success.

COIA is supplying UV-Inks and Coatings in the following packaging sizes: 1 kg - 10 kg - 200 kg - 600 kg - 800 kg - 1.000 kg - 1.200 kg.

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Contact us

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Member of WLPGA

Member of WLPGA

The World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) is the authoritive voice of the global LP Gas industry representing the full LP Gas value chain.

High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Our UV-curable materials are environmental friendly and do comply with RoHS 2011/65/EU (former 2002/95/EG) regulation and are free of Silicone, Halogen and Solvents / VOC’s.