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  • Galaxy® HPC 7 Primary Coating
  • Galaxy® HPC 8 Secondary Coating

Since early nineties, the beginning of Ultra Violet Coating Manufacturing, COIA has been supplying the well-known and world accepted MPC Coating type for Manufacturing of Optical Fibres. This material showed excellent results for the Cable Manufacturing Practices and the various applications that were common at that time.

Nevertheless changing market requirements have driven COIA and its Customers to switch over to a new Coating, custom made type Galaxy® HPC.

The new Galaxy® HPC type Coating meets any of the aforementioned requirements. Compared to the predecessor MPC type Coating it shows reduced microbend sensitivity, exhibits good stripping characteristics and an enhanced environmental stability.

Galaxy® HPC Coating, specially developed for Manufacturing of Multi Mode Optical Fibres and most sensitive Fibres, with excellent aging behaviour and improved cabling performance when exposed to different harsh environments.

The main advantages of this Added Value HPC Coating are for instance:

    1. High speed Fibre drawing up to 2400m/min,
    2. Qualified for Manufacturing Single-, Multi Mode, OM3 and NZDS Optical Fibres well as POF and speciality fibres,
    3. Qualified for use in wet-on-wet as well as wet-on-dry drawing processes,
    4. Free of Halogen, Silicon, Metals & Solvents,
    5. Non Dangerous Goods ( free of solvents and VOC's ) and in compliance with the ROHS 2002/95/EG regulation,
    6. Compatibility with Loose Tube, Tight Buffered, Micro Bundle, Dry Cable Design and Blown Fibre Technique,
    7. Improved Microbend resistance and attenuation, significantly for Multi Mode Fibre,
    8. Modified slipping of the surface,
    9. Dust rejection,
    10. High scratch resistance,
    11. Improved performance in water and moisture,
    12. Improved temperature performance (-60°C to +85°C),
    13. High chemical resistance,
    14. Lower surface tension,
    15. Longer shelf life of 24 months.

The Galaxy® HPC High Performance Coating is a double layer UV cured acrylate the constituents of which are chosen carefully in order to address the numerous requirements of this Added Value Coating.

Being endowed with these features, the coated Fibres with Galaxy® HPC meet the new challenging requirements which have arisen as Fibre Networks become more penetrant and Fibres are moving closer to the home (FTTH) and to the desk (FTTD) as well.

Last but not least, Optical Fibres coated with Galaxy® HPC may help the cable manufacturers to change over the most cost effective cable designs without affecting the Fibre transmission properties.

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Member of WLPGA

Member of WLPGA

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High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Our UV-curable materials are environmental friendly and do comply with RoHS 2011/65/EU (former 2002/95/EG) regulation and are free of Silicone, Halogen and Solvents / VOC’s.