High Performance High Temperature Coatings up to +250 °C

Patent p. No. 10 2005 032 619.6

  • Galaxy® HPHTC 250 - 7 Primary Coating
  • Galaxy® HPHTC 250 - 8 Secondary Coating

Since the early nineties of the last century, the beginning of Ultra Violet Coating manufacturing, COIA has been supplying the well -known and world-wide accepted MPC coating types for manufacturing of optical fibres. This material showed excellent results for cable manufacturing and the various applications that were common at that time.

By beginning of this century, COIA has developed and introduced as sole Manufacturer worldwide the unique Ultra Violet High Performance High Temperature Coating HPHTC up to +200 °C for manufacturing of special optical fibre, mainly for high temperature environment..

After intensive material and process improvements, COIA is today the sole manufacturer in the world offering the ultimate UV curable acrylate coating Galaxy® HPHTC 250 operating at temperatures up to even +250 °C.

Fibres manufactured by using the latest and Patent pending Galaxy® HPHTC 250 coatings were tested in our labratories and by our customers under extreme conditions such high temperature, steam and high pressure durability with excellent results. At these tests, the quality of the coating as well as the physical properties & optical properties (attenuation) of the tested fibre were approved with high satisfaction.

The main typical applications for the high temperature fibres include medical and industrial lasers, in high temperature environment, for high efficiency fibre optic bundles, harsh environmental sensors, automotive application ( including POF), energy research, oil industry and food industry.

The features and benefits of this Patent pending High Performance High Temperature Coating Galaxy® HPHTC 250:

  1. High speed fibre drawing up to 2400 m/min,
  2. Qualified for manufacturing special enhanced all types of SM and MM optical fibres as well as POF and special fibres,
  3. Qualified for use in wet-on-wet as well as wet-on-dry drawing processes,
  4. Free of Halogen, Silicon, Metals & Solvents,
  5. Non Dangerous Goods ( free of solvents and VOC's ) and in compliance with the ROHS 2002/95/EG regulation,
  6. Improved microbend resistance and attenuation,
  7. Modified slipping of the surface,
  8. Dust rejection,
  9. High scratch resistance,
  10. Improved performance in water and steam,
  11. Improved temperature performance (-40 °C up to +250 °C),
  12. Higher chemical resistance,
  13. Lower surface tension,
  14. Shelf life of 24 months.

The NEW revolutionary and Patent pending development of Galaxy® HPHTC Coatings up to 250°C will lead to a application of special optical fibres due to a higher production yield and reduction of manufacturing costs.

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Member of WLPGA

Member of WLPGA

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High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Our UV-curable materials are environmental friendly and do comply with RoHS 2011/65/EU (former 2002/95/EG) regulation and are free of Silicone, Halogen and Solvents / VOC’s.