Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV-Inks have been specifically developed for colour-coding of optical fibres with a higher processing speed ( fast cure response ) due to High Flow Additives and giving a higher intensity & brightness of the colour shade on the fibre. Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV-Inks are according to IEC 60304, EIA/TIA-Munsell and according to ”Deutsche Telekom” F.T.Z. standards.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV-Ink is the successor of the world wide known and accepted Galaxy® MCI 2000 UV Ink, which is a result of a over 15 years experience in the manufacturing and processing of UV-Inks & Coatings.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV Inks are available in 12 bright & glossy standard Colours as well as Colourless (Clear - 513). Additional 11 Special Colours to complete 24 Colour shades are available.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 OPAQUE

Colour | CodeColour | CodeColour | CodeColour | Code
White | 501 Violet | 504 Pink | 504 Brown | 510
Red | 502 Yellow | 505 Black | 508 Grey | 511
Blue | 503 Green | 506 Orange 509 Aqua | 512


Reactive pre-polymers, monomers, organic and inorganic pigments and additives.
Viscosity at 25°C 2500 - 3000 mPa.s
Packing In 1 kg HDPE bottles, to be protected from all sources of UV light.
Packing Unit 6 bottles / Colour-shade per carton, suitable for Land, Air & Sea-transport
Transport Land ADR/RID-GGVS/GGVE (non dangerous goods)
Air ICAO/IATA (non dangerous goods)
Sea IMDG/GGVSee (non dangerous goods)

According to ROHS 2002/95/EG, Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV Inks are free from the following substances:

  • Lead - Chrome(VI)
  • Mercury - Polybromed Biphenyle (PBB)
  • Cadmium - Polybromed Diphenylether (PBDE)

Colouring Process:

The Galaxy® MCI 2500 High Speed UV Inks should be treated according to the Processing
Guideline before using in the colouring process to assure continuous high quality results.
Curing of the ink is accomplished with the aid of UV radiation.
The cure is performed with UV light in the range of 240-420 nm such as fusion UV curing system
(F300-D Lamp, 120W/cm) with a speed of 250-300 m/min per lamp,
(F450-D Lamp, 120W/cm) with a speed of 450-500 m/min per lamp,
(F600-D Lamp, 240W/cm) with a speed of 700-750 m/min per lamp,
on Delachaux colouring line (3 fusion F600-D Lamps) with a speed of 2200 m/ min,
on Nextrom colouring line OFC 52 (3 fusion F600-D Lamps) with a speed of 2100 m/ min and
on Medek & Schörner colouring line GFP-H (2 M550 FZ lamps) with a speed of 2100 m/min for a
coloured layer thickness of 5.0 μm. Care should be exercised so that the coloured fibre is aligned in the
focal point of the UV-lamp.

Galaxy® MCI 2500 UV inks can be used in on-line as well as in off-line colouring process.

Shelf life:

COIA’s Galaxy® MCI 2500 have a shelf life of 24 months when stored at temperatures not higher than
25°C in a low humidity dry place according to MSDS. At the same time, the products should be
protected from all sources of ultraviolet light, including sunlight and fluorescent light. Note that storage
at elevated temperature may cause a light phase separation.

Advantages of Galaxy® MCI 2500:

  • Distinct colour shades, ideal for fibre splice light injection technique
  • No change in the transmission properties @ -60°C to +85°C
  • Very low shrinkage and high cross-linkage
  • No attenuation increase after colouring
  • No peaks appear in OTDR measurement (straight line)
  • Specially approved for Fibre G.655 (NZDS), G.651 (GIMM) & G.652 (SM)
  • Excellent smooth surface of coloured optical fibre
  • High speed processing due to fast cure response up to 3000 m/min
  • Zero halogen
  • Very low odour
  • High resistance to moisture and solvents
  • Environmental effects improved, free from NVP (N-Vinyl-Pyrrolidon), Solvents & VOC’s
  • Non dangerous goods
  • According to ROHS 2002/95/EG regulation
  • Excellent adhesion with secondary coatings: Galaxy® HPC, CPC®, DLPC, D-LUX®, …etc.
  • Hard and scratch-proof.
  • Long term high resistance in MEK rub test and to chemical compounds:
    Ethanol, Cleaning Benzene, Petroleum Jelly, Dichloromethane, …etc.
  • Qualified for use in:
    − Loose tube buffered
    − Easy peal micro bundle
    − Easy strip tight buffer
    − Ribbon optical fibre


  • Before using the inks should be treated according to the Processing Guideline by suitable rotating equipment to assure homogeneity
  • Eye contact: flush immediately with large amount of warm water and consult a physician
  • Contact with skin: treat the contacted area with proper solvent and wash thoroughly with plenty of cool soaped water.
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Member of WLPGA

Member of WLPGA

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High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Our UV-curable materials are environmental friendly and do comply with RoHS 2011/65/EU (former 2002/95/EG) regulation and are free of Silicone, Halogen and Solvents / VOC’s.